Frequently Asked Questions

Application Forms

Q; My Financial Aid Office does not have application forms.  How do I obtain a form?
A: Applications for a scholarship through the Bettye Reed Scholarship Foundation can be found at  The first step is to click on the link to download the scholarship application.  Print, complete, and return the application with all required supporting documentation.

Q: If I overnight or express mail the application, will I get a quicker repose?
A: No, all applications postmarked by the deadline of July 15 are given the same consideration.


Q: I am not a resident of Floyd County, but I plan on attending college in Floyd County.  Can I apply?
A: Yes.  The Bettye Reed Scholarship does not require that you live in Floyd County, but only that you attend an institution within the County limits.


Q: My grade point average is 2.0.  Am I eligible to apply?
A: Yes.  While your grades are used in our decision, they are not the sole determining factor.  Hard work and financial need are also taken into account.

Q: I have been enrolled at three different colleges.  Do you require transcripts for all three institutions?
A: Yes, we need transcripts for all of your college studies.  However, if your current transcript documents all of the hours and grades from the other institutions, it is not necessary to request transcripts from all colleges.

Q: I can print a copy of my hours and grades off the Internet.  Will you accept grade reports?
A: No, we will need an official transcript(s).

Q. My transcript will not be available by the deadline.  What can I do?
A: You need to be sure that you have a request on file for a transcript before April 1 and we may accept the transcript when it becomes available depending on the if the scholarship selection committee has made its decision.

Q: The Registrar's office has a hold on my transcript due to unpaid parking tickets.  Will you accept a copy of my grades?
A: No, you must submit an official transcript in order to be eligible.


Q: What is the deadline for submitted an application?
A: The application form (complete) must be postmarked by June 30.

Q: I made a request for a letter of recommendation, but my professor has not completed it at this time but I have the rest of my application ready to mail.  Do I need to mail all documents at the same time?
A: No, the documents do not have to be mailed at the same time.  Just be sure that you meet the required deadline for each document.

Distribution of funds

Q: If I receive a scholarship, will I receive a check?
A: Once scholarship recipients have been selected they will be notified by us of their award.  We will cut a check directly to your school with your name and ID# in the memo line.

College Campuses outside of floyd county

Q: I am a full-time student at Georgia Highlands College and attend classes at the Bartow County Campus.  Am I still eligible for a scholarship?
A: No. To be eligible for a Bettye Reed Scholarship Foundation scholarship you must attend classes at the Floyd County Campus.